Schedule and Registration

The cost of each workshop for those located in the Jemez Valley is $30, and the cost for those from out of the Jemez is $40. But we never want cost or transportation to get in the way of anyone attending a workshop, and there are scholarships available. For where to send the check or information about scholarships, email

Our upcoming events:

Marina Beerli, Creative Knit and Collage Purses: Feb 20, 2010 @ GreenAcre Farm

Eileen Loro, Basket Weaving: March 20, 2010 @ Walatowa Visitor Center

Elizabeth Smith, Silk Dyeing& silk work: April 17, 2010 @ GreenAcre

Deana Baca, Carding,spinning and dyeing wool: May 15, 2010 @ Walatowa Visitor Center

Quilting w/ Brenda Edeskuty: June 12, 2010 @ Walatowa Visitor Center